This is a blog about how large-scale software is tested.

Each post is a small independent research made by a software engineer. To understand how X is tested, we:

  • get X’s sources
  • investigate on tools and techniques that developers of X use to test it
  • run tests, observe the results
  • describe all steps of the research along the way
  • highlight insights into what makes practice of testing X outstanding

Disclaimer: most of the content here is what a curious software engineer can derive from looking at the source code of these projects. The authors don’t go very deep into the topic, may overlook something etc. Having that said, we always appreciate feedback from our colleagues who have advanced experience with the projects we write about, especially from the developers and maintainers.

If you want to see some tool or project covered in this blog, or if you want to contribute a post about some tool or project - let us know: [email protected].